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CFD Futures Trading

Our clients enjoy access to the major indices as well as major commodity and energy futures through CFDs offered by MGMC.

Key Benefits of Trading CFDs on Futures with MGMC:

Ability to go long or short.

Get exposure to major equity indices with a fraction of the required exchange margin. Get access to commodities and monitor changes. Trade crude oil futures - all within the same trading account.


MGMC provides prices on its CFDs that closely track the real prices of the futures contracts traded on the exchanges and prices are quoted in the underlying currency of the future contract. MGMC charges a fraction of the commission charged by the underlying exchange and requires a smaller deposited margin than that of the exchange.

Trading Times

Trading times for all futures CFDs are exactly the same as the trading times of the underlying exchange on which futures contracts are traded.

Order Sizes

Order sizes depend on the individual underlying futures contract, details of which are provided below and start at 0.1 lots on each futures contract.

Order Types

Traders can execute a number of orders with MGMC, including:
Instant execution Buy limit Sell limit Buy stop
Sell stop Take profit Stop loss Good till Friday


If a trade is kept open overnight, then there is a swap/rollover cost calculated on that position. The cost is calculated as the overnight interest rate.

In the trading terminal ’swap’ is automatically converted into the balance currency. Operation is conducted at 23:59 server time. From Friday to Monday swap is charged once. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged at triple rate.

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