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CFD Shares

Trade the equity markets with ease

MGMC offers Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on an increasing number of large shares and equities from Hong Kong and China.

Advantages of trading through CFDs rather than physical shares

Ability to go both long and short

Trade larger volumes through the use of leverage Instant exposure to global stock markets

Trade stocks through the same account that you trade forex Total transparency


MGMC offers prices on its CFDs that closely track the actual prices of shares traded on the exchanges and charges a commission rate of 0.50% on each trade. Margin requirement on shares is set at 10% of the underlying exposure.

Trading Times

Trading times for all share CFDs are exactly the same as the trading times of the underlying exchange on which shares are traded.

Order Sizes

Order sizes are quoted in the number of shares and in the underlying currency base of the exchange. All order types are available on both long positions and short positions.

Order Types

Traders can execute a number of orders with MGMC, including:
Instant execution Buy limit Sell limit Buy stop
Sell stop Take profit Stop loss Good till cancelled

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