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Marigold Global Markets Corporation, will not accept trade account applications from residents of or persons located in Belize, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Cambodia, and the United States of America.

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To start our application, please prepare the following:
  1. Identity card - An official government issued Photo ID that contains your name, unique personal number (certified true copy)
  2. Residential proof - Residential address that must contain your name, address, city and country of residence within 3 month (certified true copy)
  3. ATM card or Passbook photo copy
Online to open a Trading account by email: MGMC Client Agreement & the Documents Downloads

Please download and read carefully the Client Agreement & the documents thoroughly in order to familiar with the MGMC terms and conditions, trading policy and procedures.

After fill in all the information, and sign the agreement, please scan and email the agreement page 13 with Client Information Registration Form and accompany with the enclosure items to, in order to open the trading account as soon as possible.

All the client information will send to account opening department, after passing by the internal audit and information confirm, account open will be finish.

Trading account no. and password will email to the client.

After client according our company provided designated bank account to deposit their funds, email the bank receipt and Deposit Notification Form to:, then can begin to trade.

If you have any enquiry, please direct contact: email to:

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