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- Professional Diligence Foreign Exchange Inc.


Professional Diligence Foreign Exchange Inc. (PDFEI) is the Principal Introducing Broker initially of Marigold International Bullion Dealer (Hong Kong) Ltd. and now of Marigold Global Markets Corporation as well. PDFEI was established in 2008 under Philippine laws as an Introducing Broker (IB) in the Spot Foreign Exchange market.

In the later part of the same year, they successfully negotiated an IB agreement with MIBD and incorporated Spot Gold as one of the numerous products they were servicing. Eventually, they opted to concentrate all of their efforts on Gold due to the bull run that the market was experiencing during that time.

PDFEI is headed by professionals with a combined experience of almost 100 years in finance and investments. Some of their key personnel have been licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority of the United States (FINRA).

Even though Professional Diligence functions primarily as an information provider, its uncompromising commitment to clients' welfare renders it capable of overseeing accounts beyond what is mandated by most broker/dealers.

Professional Diligence continues to develop account managers who are well-versed in research and analysis not only in the securities markets but also in derivatives trading. They are also adept portfolio managers who apply sound Technical and Fundamental analysis in their recommendations together with the strict application of Risk Management measures.

And most importantly, its managers are able and willing to commit to clients’ needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unit 2703 27th Flr. PBCom Tower
Ayala Avenue cor. V.A. Rufino St.
Makati City 1200 MCPO

TEL NO.: +632 856 9887
FAX NO.: +632 856 6618

MGMC is pound to announce the appointment of PT Multi Karya Grup (MKG) an Indonesian company as one of its introducing brokers in Southeast Asia. Licensed as Business Management consultant & Learning Centre Company, the main operation of MKG is centred at the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia’s business district. Although a new entrant in the business of providing multi-line service, MKG has the capability to shore up the business of MGMC in Southeast Asia.
As a service company, MKG provides the latest communication and trading support facilities such as conference room, telephone answering services, photocopying machines and high speed internet access to trading platform facilities with 24/7 IT support.
As a Management Consultant, MKG is manned by seasoned officers and dedicated support staffs who are well versed in providing various administrative services to its individual as well as corporate clients. Extensive experience of the expert people of the Training and Research Department (TRD) of the MKG includes among others, asset management, investment funds, financial advisory, security brokerage and trading commodities and various financial instruments, MKG conducts special training for its own marking force as well as for those of the marketing people of its corporate client especially those who would engage in selling all forms of tradable financial instrument.
Because of the various expert services that MKG provide its client, MGMC strongly believes that MKG is an ideal business partner who can very well link many prospective clients to MGMC. And it is believed that the synergy was born for both companies whose passion for services is anchored on mutual benefits and success.


licenseAddress :                                                                                        
Office 88, 12/F (Mall Kota Kasablanka)                          
JI. Casablanca KAV. 88,
Jakarta Selatan 12870, Indonesia
Contact Numbers :
Telephone : +62 21 21282135
Fax : +62 21 21282135
Email :                                                 


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